Down in New Orleans

October, 2017

New Orleans. One of my favorite cities on the planet. Every year, I make an extra effort to see different places and experience new things, but NOLA always draws me back in. There is something so magical about this city and I feel like my senses are on fire the moment I arrive. The people and the surrounding different sections of the city are like microcosms of their own culture and yearly celebrations from Mardi Gras to the Po-Boy festival, always give a reason to party. New Orleans magnificent history is mesmerizing and the positive vibe I feel when I am there, always puts a huge smile on my face. Some people may disagree with the city’s hedonistic fashion or call it cursed, but I love every ounce of its reputation whether it’s considered good or bad… bring it on.

My favorite time of year is Halloween and there is no better place to be during the most haunting season of the year than the mysterious city of New Orleans. It is known for its history of Voodoo, witchcraft, and dark lore and the city encapsulates a supernatural semblance about it to a point that you can almost feel. My camera is on autopilot, developing a mind of its own capturing so many beautiful shots from the historical architecture, the people, and the food, that it’s easy to lose myself through the view finder. During Halloween, there is a vast array of events, but the best is the Krewe de Boo Halloween parade. It is a must-see event filled with different participating “Krewes” with their extravagant floats and costumes. It’s like a smaller version of Mardi Gras and I always leave with a bag full of candy, beads, and souvenir cups.  I also enjoy just walking around the city because every day, there is always something new to explore. This year, I participated in a walking tour and I got to visit the beautiful St. Louis Cemetary No.1. It was truly amazing and it made me fall deeper in love with the city, I already cherish. The Big Easy will always be in my heart and I’m hoping to be lucky enough to return soon, but I’m guessing it won’t be soon enough!

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